Billy Cross


CEO and founder of Cross Promotions, he’s successfully been dominating the event management game for over 20 years with his wife, Jackie, and when you’ve got skill, longevity and a knack for the social scene there’s a good chance you’ll collect impressive achievements like a boy scout collects badges. 

Cross Promotions is the biggest outdoor and festival company in Queensland, and Billy has covered the globe with his work. He was instrumental in the revitalisation of Surfers Paradise’s nightlife, putting our beloved Glitter Strip on the map for life. He’s been a player in Vegas and branched out into bar operations, always able to predict the trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Which he will continue to for years to come, creating even more fresh, modern entertainment concepts utilising his global connections, local knowledge and a wealth of experience, all with his loyal and larger than life team. 

Jackie Cross


Jackie is a proud Gold Coaster, which definitely shows in the caliber and finesse of her media, marketing and management skills.  If you’re looking for a lady to make your event stand out, Jackie has got to be it. She’s been running the event realm for over 20 years, from owning nightclubs and festivals to aligning with high-end corporate brands and always adding her special brand of energy and optimism.

Consistent with the Cross Promotions brand, Jackie loves to innovate and keep things fresh, with a talent for trend spotting. Jackie continues to work hard to deliver beautiful, seamless events with style, elegance and touch of the unexpected. If you’re thinking of holding an event, especially in the corporate sphere, you couldn’t be in safer hands. 


Matt Hicks

Operations Manager

Basically, Matt knows his stuff. He’s your go-to guy, the one you call when you don’t know who to call, but also the friendly guy you know will actually answer. Highly sought after in the festival operations arena, Matt has built strong relationships with suppliers and contractors along the way. Matt knows his way around liquor licensing like a boss.

Margie Morden

Auditor/Stock Control

If you were thinking about messing with Margie, you might want to reconsider. Margie’s the gal you want working on your project, because you know she’s going to do her job to absolute perfection. Everything regarding stock ordering, control and operations is Margie’s domain and you better believe productivity and cost efficiency will be her top priority. 

Sandy Dimos

Accounts Officer

Years of experience in accounts, financials, operations and guidance means Sandy understands the ins and outs of the business and is true to the family environment that makes Cross Promotions what it is.  

Christie Perrin


Keeping up with the girls who run the world, Christie is our new kid on the block. Our social media gun, she keeps an eye on our digital presence for multiple brands in the Cross Promotions social sphere. She’s one of those ladies who you don’t mind seeing in the office every day because she’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face one way or another.

Tara Carroll

Event & Marketing Manager

Young and ambitious, Tara is living the Gen Y dream, organising and marketing every aspect of every type of event you could imagine, from the concept, budget and logistics to stakeholder liaison, talent management. Whether it’s a cocktail party for 25 or festival for 25,000 it all ends up on her desk and she gets it done with the utmost professionalism and class. 


remy lester

marketing MANAGER

Remy is our marketing superstar! She can walk the walk, talk the talk and never fails to impress! Whether it's closing a sponsorship deal, securing an event or pitching a creative concept, there's nothing that Remy can't do. Remy brings an irreplaceable energy to the Cross Promotions team with her wit and charm... there's never a dull moment when Remy's around.