If you want impressive, let’s do impressive. If you want people’s mouths to drop when they mosey into your event, completely shocked, stunned and in total awe of what they see and feel, let’s do it. Cross Promotions have worked extensively with corporate clients and aim to continue creating close corporate relationships in the future, showcasing our ability to organise exquisite catering, top tier infrastructure with theming and décor to suit your needs.

Our resume currently boasts the City of Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Alliance, The Dubai XCAT World Series, Rolls Royce and V8 Supercars. We can work with you to make your event THE event of the year, or we can stay out of your way and plan something mind-blowing for you. But trust us, we never miss a thing.


What use would we be if you had to go elsewhere to market your event? It’d be like making your bed with fresh, soft, luxurious linens only to invite someone else to sleep in it. So we can utilise our wealth of knowledge in strategic digital marketing, guest-list management, publicity stunts and promotions, media partnerships and alliances and the all-important social media sphere to turn your event into a hugely anticipated event. The event where people go to embarrassing measures to get on that guest list – and it’ll be worth it too.