Do you have any idea how much planning goes into an event? It’s unbelievable. From the point of conception to the point of ‘We were never here, you saw nothing’, there is a crazy amount of multi-layered organisation necessary that goes down to the bottle-openers the bar staff are using.

Attention to detail is critical, and it’s not something you learn overnight. It’s years of training, experiencing everything that could possibly go right AND wrong, it’s learning to think on your feet and successfully juggle four-thousand tasks at once. And it’s a craft our team have mastered. From the event name to the guest-list to promotional staff to stakeholder liaison to security and compliance with authorities– we do it all for you and we do it damn well.

From small and intimate events to the large and elaborate, Cross Promotions International can create, develop and produce events of all sizes and genres.

Respected as Queensland's leading music festival specialist, Cross Promotions International is the brand behind many well-respected festivals such as Summafieldayze, Future Music Festival and Parklife, embodying total control or contributing through the provision of selected services. With a reputation as one of Queensland's most diverse event management and festival specialists, Cross Promotions International events are known for being edgy and entertaining, glamorous and sophisticated, sexy and seductive.

Whether you require full management of the entire event management process or assistance with a few select elements, Cross Promotions International will work with you, capitalising on our already established industry contacts, to deliver a memorable experience for all. From concept to post event evaluation and everything in between, Cross Promotions is your one stop shop.


  • Client Meeting
  • Requirement Research & Analysis
  • Define Event Objectives
  • Event Budget Preparation
  • Event Concept Proposal


  • Post-event meetings
  • Post-event evaluation


  • Pre-event Meetings, i.e Briefing with all Stakeholders
  • Site Inspection & Site Map Design
  • Logistics Management
  • Stake Holder Engagement, Liaison & Management
  • Guest & Media List Development
  • VIP Services & Management
  • Design, Develop & Distribution of Event Invitations / Advertising Material
  • RSVP List Management
  • Ticket Sales & Entry Management
  • Development & Distribution of Event Operations Manual & Event Run Sheet


  • Site Management
  •  Bump-In / Site Set-up
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Full Management Attendance & Management
  • Bump-Out / Site Pack-down


So where are you holding your event? You’re going to need site infrastructure, fencing, stages, back of house organisation, demountables, portaloos, food, beverages, licenses & permits, staff, security and so much more. Plus they all have to be compliant with safety regulations and have the correct permits. Plus they all have to work in complete unison with each other. Okay, fine, we’ll do it.