This is the part where Cross Promotions get to have a bit of a brag. No biggy guys but they’ve successfully pioneered, from scratch, the world’s #1 male revue show. And no, that’s not a hashtag, that’s the ‘number’ symbol.  As in, Cross Promotions’ male revue show, aptly named ‘Australia’s Thunder From Down Under’, is the best male revue show in the whole world. They currently hold a residency at Excalibur Hotel and Casino where they perform 13 sold out shows every damn week. And they’ve been doing that for 15 years straight. That makes them the longest running Australian act in Vegas, ever. Johnny Farnham didn’t do that; Guy Sebastian hasn’t done that - not even close!

Cross Promotions designed the entire concept from its’ inception. Billy and Jackie formed the show, nurtured it until it was perfection and rolled it out to crowds who absolutely lapped it up. A troupe of hot Aussie guys with abs for days and moves to match? Sheer genius.


If you’re ready to take your event to the next level, we’ve got just the trick. Two words: Celebrity Management. You could have a band or DJ playing live or a current celebrity casually dropping by. Having created and operated hugely successful nightclubs in both Australia and in Vegas, Billy and Jackie know the importance of suitable and captivating entertainment.

Whether you’ve got someone in mind or you want us to select the perfect entertainment to suit your event, its’ core theme and demographic, we’ll make it happen. Initiating contact, booking, negotiating, chaperoning, kissing the ground they walk upon – it sounds so exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, yes, it is. But it could be the difference between your guests saying ‘Wow’ and making you the talk of the town.